Why does every image have to be SHARP?

Many beginning photographers start out thinking that all images must be sharp from foreground to background. This may be a good approach for many landscape images, but not all images need to be completely sharp.

Sometimes you may want to emphasis one part of an image by de-emphasizing the rest of the image. This often happens in portraiture when we blur the back ground so our mind concentrates on the person.  We can use Depth of Field (DOF) to accomplish this.



Or you might decide to create an image which implies movement by adding motion blur to the subject or the background.  Motion blur is often used to create that “silky appearance” to images with moving water.


Another way to use motion blur to show movement is to pan with a moving subject so the subject is relatively sharp, while the back-ground shows motion blur. Again, this implies movement.

Try a different approach to your photography by adding some motion blur or out of focus areas to your images. You might find that learning how to create un-sharp areas within your images will enhance your ability to direct your viewers’ attention.

Consider reviewing some of the lessons on DOF, Visualizing your Images, Image Design Considerations etc. to learn more about this subject.  Don’t forget to do the exercises. That’s where the real learning occurs.

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