Melanie McIntire

The photography class was a very informative class.  If you are serious about your photography, this class is for you!  The class provides you the elements needed to get to know your camera and how to handle your camera properly in different situations, techniques on how to take a good picture, sufficient homework so that your learning doesn’t stop in the classroom and numerous opportunities to share the things you learn as you’re taking the class as well as a wonderful environment to ask those unanswered questions you may have.  Before taking his class I was pretty comfortable with my camera but after taking his class I’m more confident in my abilities to take that “perfect” picture.  I have to add that this class wasn’t just about your camera, it was so much more than that!  I felt that I benefitted from this class greatly and I wasn’t disappointed.  I would recommend this class to anyone who’s serious about improving their picture taking abilities.

Tammy Crown

Richard Hamilton – wonderful class, tons of information and things to ponder. I just wished he lived in Rapid City so we could continue gaining more knowledge. Thank you for your patience.

Mar 2014

This class was very informative. It is very comprehensive for the basics of photography. I learned a lot about how light affects all of the different parameter of photographs, such as aperture and shutter speed. I also learned about cataloging individual pictures. I would like to learn more about editing. The practice exercises were great for practicing and getting used to using the different controls on the camera.

Hank Kohlbrand

This was an outstanding class. Fast Paced. Great focus on practicing the elements taught in the class during the next week. The emphasis on understanding the mechanics of the camera helped to make me more comfortable setting up different photos. All of the principles I learned now need to be practiced on a regular basis so I don’t lose my new skills.

John and Peggy Hrabar

We really enjoyed taking this photography class. We learned so much. We especially learned that most photographs don’t just happen. They do require pre-planning, camera adjustments, and then post processing. It’s not just the “Point and Shoot” we are accustomed to.

Ginny Shinew

The Illustrations in the class have helped me to understand some of the photographic principles I have been struggling with. Doing the exercises helped me to understand more about how to change settings on my camera.

Katelyn Mounts SD

I would recommend this class to anyone who just bought a camera or has had one for years. The class was very informative and I learned a lot. The photo shoot was the best example to show me how use the features on my camera.