Cathy S . Hermosa, SD

“I have taken several photography classes and Shadowbox Digital Learning is the best camera class I have found.  The up beat music at the beginning of each class puts me in the mood to learn.

The concise instructions, the diagrams that help explain the concepts, and the ease of navigation, have greatly enhanced my picture taking expertise. I find I like the online class better than being in the classroom, it allows me to learn at my own pace and when convenient for me.


I don’t feel like I am the only one in the class “not getting it”, I just go back over the material as needed and use the glossary to understand the ideas being presented. The quizzes at the end of each class also help me to see if I understood the material.  If I have not, I can go back over the lesson as many times as I want.  I now feel like I can take pictures on manual and not have to depend on auto, enabling me to get shots I wouldn’t have been able to before.  My pictures are looking better and so is my ego!”

Cathy S, Hermosa SD