Customizing Your Member or Student Profile and Photo Gallery:

Q. How Do I Create my FREE  Photo Sharing account?

A:    Step #1:  Under Free Photo Sharing, in the top menu, click on Join FREE Today!  Step #2:  Fill in the information on the Create an Account page and click Complete Sign Up at the bottom of the page. You’re done. You can now start posting images, make comments, join groups etc.

Q. What Types of Images Can I Post In My FREE Galleries.

A: All images are welcome except for nudity, pornography or offensive images as determined by the Shadowbox Digital Learning staff. This requirement is specified in the Terms of Use.

Q. What If Someone Doesn’t Agree With The Faculty / Staff Decisions Related To The Terms Of Use?

A:  Any use of this web site shall indicate full agreement with terms of use.

Q. How many images can I post in my Gallery?

A: You are presently limited to 50 megabytes of storage for your image galleries. If you post images with large file sizes, you will not be able to display as many images. It is recommended that the longest side of your image be no more than 500 to 700 pixels in length. Your resolution should be 72 dpi. You can always delete old images and add new images.