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Glossary of Photographic terms,  Trouble Shooting Guide and Revision Schedule

We have created a Glossary of photographic terms to help students gain a better understanding of the subjects being discussed. This Glossary  is a work in progress. You can find the Glossary in the footer menu under Learn More. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for photographic terms that could be added to the glossary.

We have also added the Trouble Shooting Guide to help diagnose common camera and image issues. Like the Glossary, this is a work in progress and is located under the Learn More section of the footer. If you have subjects you would like us to address or have another solution to a problem that you would like to contribute, please contact us at  We welcome your input.

Thirdly, we have published a Revision Schedule to show what changes have been made to the website so you can quickly see what material has been added or modified. We hope this will be helpful.

Again, please feel free to explore the website and provide input and comments to the blogs, lessons and other content. Also post your images so others can see how your photography is progressing.

Click here >>>  Glossary of Photographic Terms

Click here >>> Trouble Shooting Guide

Click here >>> Revision Schedule

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